Supporting Local Journalism.

We provide support for journalism education scholarships and services to promote the value and benefit of public service.


Our Mission in Sonoma County

The Press Democrat Community Fund exists to promote local journalism and to support the greater Sonoma County/North Bay community during times of disasters. The money raised by the Fund will promote local journalism through awarding scholarships to deserving students majoring in journalism, sponsoring interns from local colleges and universities and funding special journalism projects. The Fund will continuously search for new and creative ways to promote professional journalism.

The Fund is located in an area that is prone to natural disasters.  During times of need the Fund will work with the community to raise and distribute funds to those in need.  The needs could range from victims of fire, earthquake and floods to helping those in need of housing and shelter.

Mission Local Journalism
Mission Community

The Story Behind the Fund

The story of Evert & Norma Persons’ special love for each other, love for our community, and love for local journalism.

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